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Height 3.75"/Wingspan 2.75"
Angel R. Bell

"Be Happy, Be Inspired, To Be The Best You!"
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"Be Inspired!"
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Here's What's In Store...

Is my name really Angel Bell? Find out how The Angel Bell Company got started and
what it's all about.

Enjoy the evolving designs of The Angel Bell from 2001-2004, each with it's own
inspiring message. They're enjoying retirement so get them before they're gone!

Encouraging, thought provoking essays to inspire you; there could be a "Miracle in the
Murky Water" or maybe you should "Just Drive!"

Inspirational gifts offered by Dayspring, a subsidiary of Hallmark. Be sure to check out
their selection if you need a little something extra to add to your gift of The Angel Bell.

Thirty-one of the most insightful days of my life. A sample of some of the work
generated during a month long inspirational journey.

Quotes, and more quotes. A never-ending, work in progress. All the quotes from Daily
Inspiration can be found here in the Day By Day listing or by topic.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to meet some seemingly ordinary individuals
with extraordinary gifts and talents. From places of worship to unique gift ideas, you'll
find it all here.

Get information on how I developed this site and why I wish I had known about SBI!
when I got started.

My Dapple Dachshund. One of the funniest dogs I have ever owned. Find out about
this loveable "no-nonsense" breed and why it just may be the perfect pet for you. And,
be sure to visit "Jaxson's Dachshund World" for his paw-picked finds.

One of my greatest inspirations. Check out the face of determination, my Daddy, Pete
Bell. If you can see it, it will be. From rusty bolts to "Beautiful", you've got to see it to
believe it!

FREE CASH AND GIFT CARDS! I began doing online surveys and utilizing point
earning websites back in 2006. Find out which ones I use and trust.

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"Be Happy, Be Inspired!"
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